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Azraela is a playtester, Warlord Dragonlord, event organiser and promoter and a member of the Warlord story team.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just a bit about me

Mat gave a nice introduction. I've been playing Warlord since the first demo decks came out (I was a converted, L5R player - although I must admit I'm not very good at that).

I'm the Warlord story team peon (unlike Andrew and Rusty, I'm not an original member, I joined with CE), playtester, TO/BH, DragonLord runner, player, and soon to be Medusan Lord runner. I'm going to write about all sorts of things, from tournament reports to event running tips to story tidbits, etc.

I also belong to a fledgling warlord group called WarLadies. We have a mailing list and a forum (there's an open part and a member part). From competitive players to those who just play occasionally, we'd love to meet any women who play the game. Go check it out!